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  • Abscond(verb)- Depart secretly


  • Abscond(verb)- Stay

Video Transcript

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hello mister larry ,have you seen mister garner
no,infact ,, i have not seen him since a couple of days now,
is there any problem,,because a couple of colleagues of mine
were also enquiring about him
well,last month he borrowed some money from me,,he said he will return it soon
and gave me his lottery ticket as a colateral , but now he seems to be missing
oh my,he borrowed money from me too and now that you have mentioned it , i think we werent the only people
more over i checked with the lottery vendor ,the tickets are fake
he has been absconding for a month now, seems like it was all a plan

Answer the following question.

What does abscond mean ? depart secretly or stay

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abscond means, to depart secretly

In the animated story, the employee departed secretly , i.e., absconded , with his colleagues, money