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  • Abstemious(adjective)- Restraining behavior, especially when eating


  • Abstemious(adjective)- Greedy , hungry

Video Transcript

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hey , anita i am goin to the canteen,,
do you want to join me
no thank you, got lots of work to finish
well, i can get something to eat for you if you want…
you haven’t had anything since morning
its better if i remain abstemious for the day
any special reason?
yes,, ive been invited in a wedding tonight
and i am reserving my appetite for the occasion
Answer the following question.

What does abstemious mean ?
Restraining behavior, especially when eating… or Greedy , hungry
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abstemious means, Restraining behavior ,especially when eating

In the animated story, the girl was restraining her appetite ,i.e., being abstemious , to eat well in the wedding.