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  • Ascetic(adjective)- self-denial


  • Ascetic(adjective)- greedy

Video Transcript

Its been years since we met . I am glad steve you came over.

Pleasure is mine , Gladiushmmm , steve why are you wearingjust an underwear ?
I am now , a firm beliver in buddha , he has asked to practise, self, denial.
well , come on in ,lets have some foodNo gladius , I consume only left overs,
.There are so many hungry people in this worldThere
are more deserving of your food.You have changed a lot.
By the way , Can I see your BMW. I always loved your car…ahh ,
I sold it long time back , and donated the proceeds to the red crossSteve ,
with all due respect to your buddhist philosphy ,
I do not see a point in being so ascetic