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  • Deride(verb)-to make fun of , to ridicule


  • Deride(verb)-to praise

Video Transcript

Play close attention to upcoming word clue
Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation
Is this the entrance to the theatre ..
Yes it is …. Those people lined up after you also have tickets.
May I see yours
Well , I folded my ticket 50 times in wallet
Excellent! . That helps the scanner to read the ticket so much better
Are you making fun of me
No I am not
Anyways , Are there any guidlines I need to follow?
Sure . Lets stop the line so I can have a detialed conversation with you .
The other patrons are intelligent enough to choose a different entrance
Are you mocking me?
Absolutely not! Back to the guidlines.
First , when you find your seat be sure to step on some peoples feet on your way down the aisle. This establishes your superiority as a seasoned audience member. No apologies are necessary.
I had enough! Stop deriding me !
Answer the following question. 

What does deride mean ? To make fun of , to ridicule or To criticize 

You may replay the video before answering 

deride means, To make fun of , to ridicule In the animated story, they boy asked the policeman to stop making fun of him ,i.e. , to stop deriding him.