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  • Esoteric(adj)-mysterious , know to only a chosen few


  • Esoteric(adj)-common , familiar

Video Transcript

Play close attention to upcoming word clue
Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation
So, I hear you are an actor.
Yes. I am.
What have I seen you on?
On? On stage, perhaps. I am a stage actor.
A stage actor? ,, What do you do for a living?
I am a stage actor.
No, I mean for money.
I act On the stage. That is what I do for money.
That is my job. It’s a job. I am highly trained.
How do you decide what shows you want to be in?
You seem to know nothing of acting .
Anyways , for your information , I don’t choose the shows.
Don’t they assign you shows?Or do you just tell them which shows you want to do?
I must audition for roles in shows.
I even take classes on how to get these jobs.
That sounds too hard. You must be rich.
Seems its for the first time you have met someone from the acting profession.
Well, I am making less money than a fast food employee.
I take a lot of my salary in appreciation and fulfillment.
You should try movies. I bet then you’d get more money.
With all due respect lady , acting is not such an esoteric profession
that you know so little of it. If getting a role in a movie was so easy ,
even you would have been a film star. 

Answer the following question. 

What does esoteric mean ? mysterious , known to only a chosen few or common 

You may replay the video before answering esoteric means, mysterious , known to only a chosen few 

In the animated story, the lady seem to know very little of a popular profession like acting. Hence, the gentlemen said acting is not an esoteric profession.