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  • Facetious(adjective)- to treat a serious issue, with inappropriate humor


  • Facetious(adjective)- serious

Video Transcript

Its been years since we met . I am glad steve you came over.

I am excited .Today you are taking me on date
Having Fun is my number one priority and I am sure this will be a Fun date.
Are you having fun right now ?
I will have more fun when we go inside …
Just tell me again whose house is this ?
one of my friends from work
I thought you said it was an old friend from high school
Its actually one of my old friends , whose job is building high schools, .
You know, that is a, real job . You don’t just pull high schools ,
out of your rear end
Stop kidding … can we just go inside , before we are arrested for literring
I like when your nose crinkles up like that …
it tells me you are ready for fun
Please be serious … whose house is this
I do not know … I found it on internet somewhere …
Stop joking … This looks like white house to me …
lets run before we get arrested for tress passing
not to worry , if this is white house , we look like obama and hilary
You know I like you being funny but this is no time to be facetious