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  • Laconic(adjective)- brief and to the point


  • Laconic(adjective)- verbose

Video Transcript

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Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation
You dont talk much , dont you ,I did all the talking while we were eating
hmm , well
by the way ,nice restaurant.Thanks for bringing me here,
I liked the food, especially Chinese
You know ,I cook chinese too , but never this great..
and yes i do like reading, movies,and music is my life
well… for a guy a who brings a girl out on first date,
you a pretty laconic

Answer the following question.

What does laconic means? brief and to the point or verbose ,wordy

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laconic means to brief and to the point

In the animated story, the guy was very
brief ,i.e., laconic in his answers to his date.