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  • Laud (verb)- acclaim, praise


  • Laud (verb)-blame, castigate, criticize

Video Transcript

Play close attention to upcoming word clue

Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation

I know you are a good actor Anthony. ..
could you please impersanate a robot for me…
I am a robot. I am talking like a robot. Bleep, blorp, bloop.
That is , very very, good…
tell me, what does a robot drink …
I drink only Jet fuel… Bleep, blorp, bloop.
oh wow … That is impressive… I laud, your acting skills.

Answer the following question.

What does laud mean ?

praise or criticize

You may replay the video before answering

laud means, to praise

In the animated story, the woman praised , i.e. lauded , Anthony’s Acting Skills.