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  • Misanthrope(noun)- One who hates mankind


  • Misanthrope(noun)- Optimist

Video Transcript

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Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation
Hey guys . My name is Anthony.
I have a secret to tell ,
Yes you heard me right , I do not like mankind
To cure my condition , my doctor advised me to join Facebook
But I am so tired of the pollution on my newsfeed
All the useless trash , cat videos , funny moments ,
sausage telling of ,what you are going to do today
what is your favourite movie quote ,
who is your favourite movie character , what is your score on farmville
dont you have something else to do. Humans are idiots!
instead of curing , facebook is making me more of a misanthrop

Answer the following question.

What does misanthrope mean ?
• One who hates mankind,,, or.
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misanthrope means, a person who hates mankind 

In the animated story, the robot hated the mankind ,
i.e. he was a misanthrope