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  • Onerous(Adjective)- burdensome

Video Transcript

MegaVocab proudly presents a Revolutionary Vocabulary learning Technique Play close attention to upcoming word clue

Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation

Hi, I am the CEO of ,Mega Vocab
Do you have any idea , how much effort we put into these videos
First we need to hunt for word , a good word , ,
a word worthy of your attention , more importantly
a word ,that demands a video
Next, I need to imagine a script , that would portray the meaning of the
word Next the Actors , the Set , the background score ,,, ,
camera angles , screenplay
editing , direction … , the list goes on and on …
Its so LATE ,and I am still in office … This task is , OneRous
hey , I forgot to tell you SOMETHING,
I LOVE this Job!

Answer the following question.

What does onerous mean ?

easy, or.

You may replay the video before answering onerous means burdensome.