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  • Presumptuous (adjective)- arrogant , taking liberties


  • Presumptuous (adjective)- humble,modest

Video Transcript

Well That did not go so well Frank.
We only got half of what we were supposed to get.
I know. I know.What are we going to do.
I will take seventy percent and you take 30
okay … you my girl , have it your way
Pass me that wine
This here is my wine. Yours is over there.
Don’t be silly Frank. Just pass it to me.
No way your taking my wine too.
You already have seventy percent of this deal and now you want my wine too?
What kind of a partnership is this?
Oh come on Frank. I am your lady , so I make the rules.
I will cut you in two, if you even touch the wine
You heard me. I’m sick of this relationship.
You get to wear the costume. You get seventy percent of the deal.
You are arrogant and have no concern for my feelings .
And now you want my wine?
I do not want to be with a presumptuous lady like you. I call it quits