I cannot take the Tests.

The test component uses session ids to keep track of timing during a test. The problem manifests chiefly when you have already taken the test once and again want to retake the test for practice. We have made coding adjustments such that the problem will not occur to most users. However, "time out error" may be shown for certain browsers Here are the resolutions you may try - 1) Try accessing the site from a different browser. Ex. If you are currently accessing the site via Mozilla Firefox , and you get the error, try accessing the site via Chrome or IE. 2) Clear cache history in your browser. Ex. If you are accessing the site via Firefox and you see time out error , go to Options and select "Clear Recent History". 3) Try accessing the test after a break of 15 minutes after which the session id will expire.

Can you create words related to XYZ first ?

Sure , leave a comment or two. If there are enough people asking for it we will prioritize production around your demands

My vocabulary is poor! What learning strategy do you recommend I follow to improve my Vocabulary ?

We recommend you focus on learning just ONE new word in a day. Vocabulary building is a gradual process and learning any more words may hamper your retention power. In addition, we recommend taking Tests, once in a while.

English Language has more than 1 Million Words. How do you select the words published on this site ?

An average human being does not use more than 60,000 set of words in his lifetime. Obviously, you do need to learn all the million words in English. Neither would you want to learn obscure words that most of the people do not understand! Words on this site frequently appear in Newspapers , Magazines , Books , competitive exams like SAT, GRE , CAT, GMAT etc and are commonly used in everyday written and oral communication. We impart knowledge that is relevant and more importantly useful. Our goal is not to turn you into Shakespeare but to help you use english effectively.