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Trends in Music Education

Young Composers Project was started in 1959 and was sponsored by the Ford Foundation. It positioned scholars in the public schools for the aim of improvement for the performance ensembles of schools. The Young Composers event was so prosperous that the Ford Foundation elevated and expanded it to one of its ten existing major programs […]

Top 20 Most Popular Movie Scores

A movie score is also known as the film soundtrack. Background score refers to the original music that is written particularly to go along with a given film. It comprises a variety of instrumental, orchestral and choral pieces. The following are 20 most popular movie scores. The Lion King The soundtracks for The Lion King […]

How Music Brings Us Together

Interestingly, in a world where many things are tearing us apart –from terrorism to drug trafficking –  music seems to continue bringing people closer together no matter their race, political beliefs, gender, religion, sexuality and any other affiliations. Moreover, despite the language used to compose the song, listening to music has been shown in many […]

Top 10 strange musical instruments that somehow became trendy and popular

Music has been evolving at a high rate over the years and throughout the evolution, musicians have invented many musical instruments and some became popular across the world while others were even more strange and weird. While musical instruments makers still make some instruments to give listeners new experiences and sounds, there are a number […]

Classical Music

‘The Half King” by Douglas Adams is, in many ways, inspired by “From the New World” by Antonin Dvorak. The tune resembles the one that serves as an inspiration to it by using a pentatonic scale and syncopated rhythm.  The harmony of the tune is dominated by brass instruments. Dissonance dominates the tune by creating […]

Top 15 modern people who had the most influence on world’s musical culture

The Time magazine recently published they version of the most influential people of the world in 2018. We decided to create our own version of the most influential musicians, and here is what we got. Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez achieved success in a number of professional roles: she is one of the most successful singers […]