Some people say that music is medicine. Industries have risen and fallen, but music is here to stay. As a kid grows, they know that there is music. They dance for it even when they do not have an idea about its signification. Technology has, for instance, revolutionized music, today more than the past, music reaches people at a faster speed than it used to in the past. This is thanks to websites, cloud music, and the internet. People visit and even end up asking questions about the blog. Some frequently asked questions are as below:

Why a music blog?

People talk about music. Some of these people are not well versed with the intrigues of the industry yet they talk about it so powerfully. The music industry is very sensitive. People may be making money off the industry, but it takes a lot of personalities to win. There is piracy, lack of labels to sign you, corruption, name them. If we are talking about the latest in the industry then a blog this one should play this part. People also deserve to get such information from people that have been in the music industry for long.

Do you think music has become a problematic industry?

Well, every industry has become a difficult industry today. The competition in music has gotten tighter, and the consumer has become more empowered. Music has evolved to a far extent, and anybody that wishes to join the industry needs to be ready for what is coming. This page shares stories and experiences of other people in the industry. The stories will carry lessons. The rest will be a matter of principle and the choices you will make in your music career.

Do I need to belong to a record label to become successful?

The answer is no and yes. There is no luck in music unless one wishes to be a one music wonder musician or music promoter. Record labels take you right in front of an audience. The rest is your work. Even so, you just joined the industry you need a technical team, a coach, a manager, supplies, support and motivation. All these are things you can find in a record label. You need to get to the right one and show people what you can do.

What are the challenges one should expect in the music industry?

Piracy, copyright and royalty issues and lack of funds are some of the main challenges. The list could be extended but these anyone should expect. For piracy, people could be making money off your records by flooding the market with your music such that people cannot access albums directly from you. Copyright and royalty issues, here we are talking about reserving rights for every work you do and receipt of payments respectively. Royalty collection companies rip off from musicians to date. You need a lawyer, and you need to be smart.

What are the best ways to protect my music from piracy, i.e. digital piracy?

The law comes first. When you know the laws that protect you from piracy, then you can use them to your advantage of them in case of anything. The record label house needs to be safe for music sessions. A no internet rule when you are recording is essential. Finally, you need to keep everything that concerns your music yourself. Hacker can access storage in the studio. Once a record is done, try to have the music in a hard drive and have it somewhere safe.


Are there international music laws?

The one common law is global music copyright. There are regulations; however, there are no tight international music laws. What happens is that the rules are tailored to try reducing infringement of digital copyright. Most music laws are jurisdictional, and therefore you will see every country trying to protect its musicians with specific rules. Implementation has become a challenge given the higher rates of corruption, however, people have survived the global music industry, put in the right individual music protection mechanisms and you will be fine.

Do I have to go to music school to be a good musician?

Some of the world’s best musicians today never saw the presence of a music teacher or class. Music schools are however not a bad thing. Along with them are certain benefits you might enjoy. Training in music is good for overall learning. The main characteristic of a musician is creativity. A music school could put your mind on a thinking path because the brain is to work in music school for anything to work.

Music is loved by many, and it is the one topic many people they know a lot about. allows you to know even more. If there are more questions you need answers to, contact us and will be happy to get back to you.