teaching magazine

Teaching magazine
NEA Today is the flagship publication of the 3 million-member National Education Association. Via quarterly print issues sent to educators nationwide, the publication explores today’s toughest teaching challenges and solutions. In addition to print, the magazine is also available in the following ways:
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Teaching magazine
Read this article by Alice Murray to see how professional development can empower teachers and to learn about low-cost options for achieving a variety of professional goals.
Find strategies for using outlining to develop students’ rhetorical prosody … incorporating Simple English Wikipedia content productively … teaching register … using media circles … playing mingle bingo … and much more.

Teaching magazine
Australian Teacher Magazine is not just number one for circulation, it is also the leader in providing relevant and informative content to educators across the nation. Distributed monthly to government, catholic and independent schools, in print and tablet formats, Australian Teacher Magazine is hugely relevant to all parts of the education sector.
With a depth of targeted sections each month, Australian Teacher Magazine provides an unrivalled read for the sector. Regular sections include: News, Opinion, In the Classroom, Technology, Professional development, Careers, Professional Learning, Leadership and more.

Michael Lacey Freeman looks at how readers can bring a class together, Wing Wu describes three apps to promote virtual talk during real-time teaching and Daniel Costa analyses a famous speech as a way of helping EAP learners.
Other topics in this issue include: keeping online learners’ attention, the importance of subskills in exam preparation, and activities which promote language learning through the local community — plus much more.