Music has been evolving at a high rate over the years and throughout the evolution, musicians have invented many musical instruments and some became popular across the world while others were even more strange and weird. While musical instruments makers still make some instruments to give listeners new experiences and sounds, there are a number of instruments that are strange but somehow became trendy and popular. Here is a look of 10 of these strange musical instruments that managed to become popular and trendy.

  1. Hyperbass Flute

A hyperbass flute is the largest member of the flute family and it compromises of over 15 meters in piping. Its massiveness has made it be a unique instrument and strange to many with early reports already showing that it is already gaining interest across the music industry despite it being a relatively new instrument.

  1. Array Mbira

This is one of t sweetest sounding musical instrument on the list, with a designed that inspires a re-imagination of African instrument Mbira. Array Mbira is the brainchild of Bill Wesley. It produces music when skilled fingers push down and release the bent high carbon steel tines. Despite the instrument being strange, it is popular with several musicians including Sting, Zakir Hussain, and other musicians.

  1. Hydraulophone

As the name states, this instrument produces the sound hydraulically meaning it uses water in the creation of sound. The instrument is played by blocking water flow through fingers in order to produce distinctive sounds. Varied types of sounds are created when water is blocked, which redirects it a sound production mechanism that depends on the water flow and pressure for sound to be created.

  1. Zeusaphone

Zeusaphone which is also known as Thoramin or Singing Tesla Coil is one of the strangest musical instruments in this list. The instrument is essentially a plasma speaker and solid Tesla coil that lets it create musical sounds by modulating the spark output of the Tesla coil. The Tesla coil also comes with a shocking effect that causes awesome lightning-like sparks. Zeusaphone has been featured the film ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ by Disney in 2010.

  1. Gravikord

Gravikord was invented in 1986 by Bob Grawi and was developed from Kora, a West Africa instrument with the inclusion of the kalimba design. The instrument is a 54-inch long with a welded stainless frame and wood-turning block that is supplemented by a guitar-like tuning machine. Gravikord is on its way to further fame after it found appreciation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  1. Cello Horn

Cello Horn is an instrument that produces sound by blowing the strings and came out through the brass horn which was unique compared to the one sound came out via a traditional wooden body. This hybrid instrument made the pages of Popular Science Monthly magazines in the 1930s as it was a strange type of musical instrument.

Singing Ringing Tree

  1. 4. Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree is an amazing piece of musical instrument that creates music when the wind blows through varying length of pipes to create an eerie sound. The original tower of this instrument was constructed near Lancashire in England in 2006, while another one was constructed in 2017 in Austin, Texas.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ

  1. The Great Stalacpipe Organ

The Great Stalacpipe Organ is one of the best organs in the world that produce sound. The instrument which is located in Luray Caverns in the United States is cable of producing various pitches with rubber mallets. Invented by Leland sprinkle, the piece can play 37 different notes.


  1. Theremin

Theremin was popular for its less or no touch play. The players make the instrument produce sound by moving their hands in proximity to two “antennas.” Invented in the 1920s by Lev Termen theremin went down to musical history after being used in the film “Leon Theremin” a science fiction movie.


  1. Pyrophone

Another strange organ is the Pyrophone which is powered by combustion and explosion in order to produce sound. For sound to be produced, the organ is powered by propane and gasoline. The resulting explosions force sound down to the pipes and the player then regulates the pipes to create a musical sound.


These instruments, each during its existence was viewed as strange and hence captured a lot of attention even though some of these instruments were hard to spread across the world, but their popularity was well shared.